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DEFINE BLOG: A compiled chronoligical of opinions, favourite materials, reviews, share of problems and pictures. A good and interesting blog (as it is now commonly called) usually gets updated very often by their respective owners. So here we are today: BRrOoooGGING!

Monday, October 30, 2006


Yes, this site hasn't been updated and it was down since Mid-August. I decided to put it down temporary and also thought about scrapping it entirely. I merely left this site down without the 'html' files as well as replacing the index. The note wasn't a joke. It was a test.

I requested anyone in my team to applied for an adsense account and it looks like it's proven: there is lack of determinism and enthuastics. I have made my decision to step down for leading this team. This entire site will be managed and own by N.J. by the end of this year.

As for the moment, they won't be any updates. The project was started with full of high enthuastics, unfortunately due to lack of support, I don't think it will go far in the meantime. They will be something else for us to do in the meantime.

I feel it will be waste to actually dismantle this site so it's decided it will be up here as an artifact.

posted by C

Tuesday, august 08, 2006



There was this site I accidently found pointing out that glow-in-dark condoms were the less favourite compared to favoured condoms. I forgot where was it but anyway check this site out to learn more condom varieties:


posted by C


Currently I am pretty occupied with various tasks and works to handle. Havent been updating much. Ever since the car is gone, I was thinking of opting for a bike.

posted by NJ

thursday, JULY 27, 2006

Pirates Of Caribbean.


It's since a while we had good and enjoyable big-hit movies. I watched Pirates Of Caribbean with my big sis today. The graphic sure was a huge leap from the last, the story was great nothing short of good entertainment. Though there are unrealistic 3d jobs everywhere but those tentacles just looks too real! Not that I am into tentacles, it's just that the it animates too much, it makes me believe it was real during half the time watching the movie. It's really scarry. The barnacles are also moving! Eww. A very good job on the costumes. I can't believe that all this of is based on a ride-theme. Go Watch!

posted by NJ

FRIday, JULY 21, 2006


Today, or rather yesterday I started my SLG class. For those who dont know about it, in Malaysia there's this program called Graduation Extension Scheme (SLG) to help those who graduated but still unemployed like me to find jobs. Decent jobs.

Back to what i'm trying to say, my own tutor for the class is one of senior classmates from my previous University I went. It's weird to have someone from your ex-class mate teaching you, surely its embarassing. It really shows that I havent been doing anything for the past 1 1/2 years for crying out loud. The class starts at 9.00 am to 4.00 pm, and mannnnn... it was so damn boring!

The past few of days saw us spending time chit-chatting and exchanging frank views in a tiny room. What fun! Hey at least I get allowances just for sitting around. I do hope those-certain-organization won't read this blog.

No more car.

A few days ago, the car that I've been driving had been pulled out by the finance. The loan was like unpaid for like 4 months already. I'm having a hard time for not having a transport to go anywhere now and I am pretty much a spoiled brat already for driving for far too long and forgot how to take a bus. Pity me and those who always asked me to drive them just about to anywhere in this fricking state.

posted by NJ

Tuesday, JULY 18, 2006



Just in time to submit a fanart based t-shirt design. C requested we tried joining it. Why Kon? Kon is a side character in Tite Kibo's manga: BLEACH. We got fed up seeing Ichigo (starring), airport-breasts Kuchiki, bishonen characters and some familar samurai-sword weilding bing-bangs. Kon - Wins!

posted by NJ

Thursday, JULY 13, 2006


blizzard contest

Well, well, it appears BLIZZARD is opening up another contest by the end of this month. Go to Blizzard contest site for more information. As you can all see, ONLY submissions from ELIGBLE COUNTRIES ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN. Oh, what the heck. After viewing their official rules, we noticed that it seems they ain't stopping anyone from joining. But of course, if it's a contest, everyone should be joining to win.

For those not from the listed country, you won't be eligble to win however, look carefully, do you really want to win or join? READ AGAIN.

- optimistic.

On the other hand, since BLIZZARD has gained so many fans WORLDWIDE who bought their products and helped them reached their targeted profit margins. I really think this is unfair. Just remember, without us gamers what is BLIZZARD today?

- petition?

posted by C

Wednesday, JULY 12, 2006


Watched the preview of the movie, never expected it was 2 and a half hours long. Humour factor: HIGH. Go Watch.

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saturday, JULY 01, 2006

When we started off back 6 years ago, we had nothing but ideas. Originally our works were meant to be published in one of our local bi-monthly magazine. Apparently after all the hard work and effort laid, we were really upset when it got turned down because of one simple reason: Censorship.

Apparently for some reasons, we weren't allowed to draw angels or even depict angels. Angels of Death, angels of the Light, angels of the Darkness... you name it. It was a real let-down. We didn't go anywhere and starting a new story isn't all that easy. Character profiles, plot, settings and numerous other factors. Inks and Papers ain't cheap in our area. Digital painting requires electricity to run and that ain't free either. Nothing's free.

posted by C

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