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August 09th 2006:
We started of with the first 4 pages. Here's the next 4 pages. Pages 05-08.




2nd Chance.
A one shot comic trial. Inspired from a vending machine... coming soon


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We won't be updating this site as we decided to abandon this particular project.Visitors are welcome to view this site, however beware all spam, phisher bots out there... get your bots off!

An Online Comic ...

An online comic coming to life. Art by NJAY. Originally meant to be published in the local manga-zine market but failed due to our country's broadcasting 'censorship' policies. Censorship kills authenticity & limits creativity. We hope to gain more (as well as maintain loyal) readers to this site. This site also serves the purpose to manifest and showcase our works to potential publishers.

Free for your viewing pleasure so we hope you enjoy yourself and do please support us. As a start, we will try to provide a weekly update of at least 1-3 pages per week. Due to the fact that NJAY (the artist) is a full time 9 to 5 employee, this is the best we could offer at the moment. Apart from that, 'C' (writer) the moderator of OOPSMURAL is occasionally sick.

Publishing online, web comics isn't an easy task. Therefore we do welcome all forms of support. We are really trying to make a decent income for ourselves. The internet actually offers us more leverage so we decided to published our comics online by ourselves. What we are really hoping is to one day successfully create and market our own tangible graphic novels and earning decent royalties.

We all know they are hundreds and thousands of webcomics crawling the copperlines, infesting the optics and servers worldwide. While not many look up at comic artists and many failed due to 'senseful' peer pressures. For all aspiring artists wanting to have a successful comic published, don't give up so easily and do please be more determined.

The Story ...

huh?Life and death is natural. Set in a fictional world of our own. Bone is a newly recruit. The job: to guide lost and wandering souls roaming from around the Earth to their destination. Problem arises when Bone's personal 'oto-list-o-names' tool landed in the wrong hands of a mere mortal.

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The VVebl0g ...

is where we rant. Random stuffs, reviews, thoughts and afew pranks. What more can we say, everyone seems to have one.

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The Bonus section ...

is where we filled up most of our short comic works. Sometimes, as artists we usually get dull drawing the same thing so we drew something else just to push the steam. Here you can find some of our experimental works or some misc stuffs.

Its mainly meant for us to post some experimental comics. Some are 1 to 5 page shots, others might be senseless parodies. Often you may be able to see some 'abandoned' works here. This section also serves to host some potential future works release.

Apart from comics, you will get informed on updates of NJAY's latest non-related artworks, illustrations, commissioned arts, fanarts or even some interesting doodles.

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Gallery ...

is where you will find wallpapers and occasionally afew artworks and recent fanarts. Simple winamp skins will be available too.


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